AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

All Captions except Sidecar or SMPTE-TT in Microsoft Smooth

Follow this procedure if the format of the captions asset that you want to add belongs to the category of embedded, burn-in, or object.

  1. In the channel that you are creating, in the navigation pane, find the output group (which you have already created). For example, find the HLS output group.

  2. Find the output where you want to add the captions, or create a new output. This output might already be set up with video and audio, or you could set up the video and audio after setting up the captions.

  3. Choose the output.

  4. For Stream settings, choose Add caption.

  5. For Caption description name, type a name for this captions asset that is unique in the channel. For example, Embedded. Or accept the default (which is autogenerated).

  6. For Caption selector name, type the name of the caption selector that you created in step 1. Specify the selector that identifies the captions asset that is the source for the captions in this output.

  7. For Caption settings, choose the captions format for the output captions.

  8. Complete the fields that appear for the selected format. For details about a field, choose the Info link beside the field. For tips about font styles in DVB-Sub or burn-in, see Font Styles for Burn-in or DVB-Sub Output.

  9. If the output format is embedded and the output group is HLS, you can include caption language information in the manifest. You perform this setup in the output settings (separate from the captions encode). See HLS manifest .

  10. If the output format is ARIB or DVB-Sub or SCTE-27, you must perform some extra setup in the output settings (separate from the captions encode). See PIDS for ARIB output or PIDs for DVB-Sub output or PIDs for SCTE-27 or PIDs for Teletext output.

  11. Repeat these steps to create captions in more outputs and output groups, as applicable.