Supported features by output type - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Supported features by output type

This section describes which SCTE-35 features apply to the various types of output.

Frame capture output

In a frame capture output, MediaLive supports SCTE-35 features as follows:

  • Passthrough of the SCTE-35 messages – Not applicable.

  • Manifest decoration – Not supported because these outputs don't have manifests.

  • Blanking and blackout – Applicable. Content in the output is blanked or blacked out if the features are enabled at the channel level.

A frame capture output doesn't support passthrough of the SCTE-35 messages. However, if blanking or blackout is enabled (at the channel level), then content that falls between the start and stop of the blackout is blanked or blacked out, even though no SCTE-35 messages are present.