AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Setting Up AWS Elemental MediaLive

This chapter provides a basic procedure for setting up identities (users) and providing access to AWS Elemental MediaLive. It describes how to create one or more users as administrators for the service, how to create one or more AWS IAM users to access the AWS Elemental MediaLive console, and how to set up AWS Elemental MediaLive itself as an AWS IAM "trusted service".

If you are completely new to AWS or if you have only been using AWS for a few weeks, we recommend that you read this entire chapter.

If you have more experience using AWS services, you could skip the sections on setting up users. But you must read the section on setting up AWS Elemental MediaLive as a trusted service.

This chapter provides steps for a basic setup. For detailed information on the many features of IAM that may be appropriate and useful to your deployment, see AWS IAM User Guide.