Sign in to the AWS access portal - AWS Sign-In

Sign in to the AWS access portal

A user in IAM Identity Center is a member of AWS Organizations. A user in IAM Identity Center can access multiple AWS accounts and business applications by signing in to the AWS access portal with a specific sign-in URL. For more information about the specific sign-in URL, see AWS access portal.

Before you sign in to an AWS account as a user in IAM Identity Center, gather the following required information.

  • Corporate user name

  • Corporate password

  • Specific sign-in URL


After you sign in, your AWS access portal session is valid for 8 hours. You are required to sign in again after 8 hours.

To sign in to the AWS access portal

  1. In your browser window, paste in the sign-in URL that you were provided through email, such as Then, press Enter.

  2. Sign in using your corporate credentials (like a user name and password).


    If your administrator sent you an email one-time password (OTP) and this is your first time signing in, enter that password. After you're signed in, you must create a new password for future sign-ins.

  3. If you are asked for a verification code, check your email for it. Then copy and paste the code into the sign-in page.


    Verification codes are typically sent through email, but the delivery method might vary. If haven't received one in your email, check with your administrator for details about your verification code.

  4. If MFA is enabled for your user in IAM Identity Center, you then authenticate using it.

  5. After authentication, you can access any AWS account and application that appears in the portal.

    1. To sign in to the AWS Management Console choose the Accounts tab and select the individual account to manage.

      The role for your user is displayed. Choose the role name for the account to open the AWS Management Console. Choose Access keys to get credentials for command line or programmatic access.

    2. Choose the Applications tab to display available applications and choose the icon of the application that you want to access.

Signing in as an user in IAM Identity Center provides you credentials to access resources for a set duration of time, called a session. By default, a user can be signed into an AWS account for 8 hours. The IAM Identity Center Administrator can specify a different duration, from a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 90 days. After your session ends, you can sign in again.

Additional information

If you want more information about users in IAM Identity Center, refer to the following resources.