Signing in to the AWS access portal - AWS Sign-In

If you can't sign in to AWS, see Troubleshooting sign-in issues or contact AWS Support.

Signing in to the AWS access portal

AWS IAM Identity Center (successor to AWS Single Sign-On) users can access AWS accounts and business applications by signing in with a specific sign-in URL. This specific sign-in URL for the AWS access portal should have been provided by your administrator or help desk employee.


Before you sign in to an AWS account as an IAM Identity Center user, gather the following required information.

  • Corporate user name

  • Corporate password

  • Specific sign-in URL

If you do not have the above information, contact the administrator for the AWS account. If you created an IAM Identity Center user for your AWS account, AWS has already sent an invitation to join IAM Identity Center to the email address of the AWS account.

The specific sign-in URL is formatted like the following.


Your specific sign-in URL might include your company's subdomain like the following example.

After you sign in, your AWS access portal session is valid for 8 hours. You are required to sign in again after 8 hours.

To sign in to the AWS access portal

  1. In your browser window, paste in the sign-in URL that you were provided through email. Then, press Enter. We recommend that you bookmark this link now so that you can quickly access it later.

  2. Sign in using your corporate credentials (like a user name and password). If you are prompted for a verification code, check your email for it. Then copy and paste the code into the sign-in page.


    Verification codes are typically sent through email, but the delivery method might vary. Check with your administrator for details about your verification code.

  3. After you sign in, you can access any AWS account and application that appears in the portal. Choose the icon of the application that you want to access. See the following GIF for a tutorial on how to sign in to the AWS access portal as an IAM Identity Center user.

    Animated GIF showing an IAM Identity Center user successfully signing in to the
     AWS access portal. For the text version of this animated GIF, see the following links.

For more information about signing in to the AWS access portal, see How do I get started with using IAM Identity Center and access the AWS access portal?

For step-by-step directions on how to reset the IAM Identity Center user password, see I forgot my IAM Identity Center password for my AWS account.