Creating an AWS Elemental MediaLive schedule - MediaLive

Creating an AWS Elemental MediaLive schedule

In AWS Elemental MediaLive, you can manipulate the processing of a channel while it is running. You perform this manipulation by adding actions to the schedule that is associated with the channel. The schedule holds each action until the start time for the action, at which point MediaLive passes the action to the channel, and the channel performs the action.

We recommend that you read this schedule chapter before you start the channel. A key schedule action is input switching, which you must implement if you have a multiple-input channel (if you have attached more than one input to the channel). But there are other actions that might be relevant to your workflow.

Typically, you set up the schedule before you start the channel. At the least, you create schedule actions that you know must occur soon. After you start the channel, you can continue to add schedule actions. You can add actions you already have planned and ad-hoc actions.