AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Working with the AWS Elemental MediaLive Schedule

You can manipulate the processing of a channel while it is running. You perform this manipulation by inserting actions into the schedule that is associated with the channel.

The actions relate to:

  • Switching the input that the running channel is ingesting.

  • Inserting a static image overlay (an image layered over the underlying video) into the running channel.

  • Inserting SCTE-35 messages into the running channel.

This chapter describes how to set up the schedule with the actions you want. We assume that:

  • If you want to switch inputs, then you have read the information on setting up a channel to include multiple inputs, as described in Input Switching in AWS Elemental MediaLive

  • If you want to activate and deactivate image overlays, then you have set up the images you will use. See Working with Image Overlays.

  • If you want to insert SCTE-35 messages, you have read the information on how MediaLive handles SCTE-35 messages in transport stream (TS) outputs. See SCTE-35 Message Processing.