Document History - AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Document History

The following table describes important changes to this documentation.

  • API version: latest

Change Description Date
New createdAt field MediaPackage now provides the date and time the PackagingGroup and PackagingConfiguration were created. March 8, 2023
New CmafEncryptionMethod method MediaPackage now supports AES-CTR encryption to encrypted CMAF endpoints. September 2, 2022
Updated EncryptionContractConfiguration Updates related to SPEKE Version 2.0 presets. July 19, 2022
New CmafEncryption.constantInitializationVector field MediaPackage now supports constant initialization vectors for CMAF encryption. April 20, 2021
CDN authentication release Document settings to enable CDN authentication on an endpoint. December 23, 2019
Live-to-VOD release Document harvest_jobs, the resource used for live-to-VOD asset creation. October 1, 2019
Configurable SCTE-35 marker handling release Document additional options that MediaPackage provides for configuring how SCTE-35 markers are treated in output manifests. June 21, 2019
DASH number with duration release Document additional DASH segment template format option. May 29, 2019
Tagging release Document how to add tags to resources. March 4, 2019
DASH compact manifest and segment template format release Document how to create a compacted manifest or change the format of the segmentTemplate information. February 6, 2019
SPEKE content encryption release Document the certificateARN that's required if you're using content key encryption with SPEKE. November 8, 2018
Input redundancy release Document rotating credentials for both ingest endpoints. August 28, 2018
Correct resource URIs Throughout the document, removed "prod/" from URIs. July 24, 2018
Multi-period DASH release Document how to create multiple periods in a DASH manifest. July 18, 2018
CMAF endpoint release Document how to create a Common Media Application Format (CMAF) endpoint. May 3, 2018
New AWS Elemental MediaPackage service release Initial documentation for the MediaPackage service. November 27, 2017