Asset Details Fields - AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Asset Details Fields

The following fields describe the source content that this asset uses.

If you have multiple sources for this asset, choose Add asset and complete the fields. Do this for all source contents.


Source content must be in a .smil (MP4) or .m3u8 (HLS/TS) file format.


The filename identifies the source content.

Enter the path to the file within your Amazon S3 bucket, including the name of the source content.

If your content is called lion_movie.m3u8 and is in a subdirectory called thursday_night in a bucket called movies, you would enter the following in the Filename field:


You don't need to enter the bucket name because you chose it in S3 bucket name field.


The ID is the primary identifier for the asset, and must be unique for your account in this Region.

Enter a name that describes the asset.

Resource ID

When you're using SPEKE, the resource ID is the identifier that your key server uses to reference the content. AWS Elemental MediaPackage sends the ID to the key server to identify the current asset. How unique you make the ID depends on the level of access controls you need. The service doesn't allow you to use the same ID for two simultaneous encryption processes. The resource ID is also known as the content ID.

Enter an identifier for the content.