Editing a Distribution - AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Editing a Distribution

Edit an Amazon CloudFront distribution from the CloudFront console.

The only edit that AWS Elemental MediaPackage can make to an origin is to create an origin when you add an endpoint to a channel in MediaPackage. You can't edit a distribution from the MediaPackage console.

To access the distribution in CloudFront, choose the distribution's ID on the channel's details page. For more information about editing a distribution in CloudFront, see Viewing and Updating Distribution in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide.


When you're editing a distribution, do not change the default on the Tagging page. CloudFront uses the AWS Elemental MediaPackage channel ID in this tag to link the distribution and the channel together. If the tag is modified, then you will no longer be able to view or manage the distribution from MediaPackage.