AWS Elemental MediaPackage
User Guide

Packager Settings Fields

  1. For Type, choose DASH-ISO.

  2. (Optional) For Segment duration, type the duration (in seconds) of each segment. If the value that you type here is different from the input segment size, AWS Elemental MediaPackage rounds segments to the nearest multiple of the input segment duration.

  3. (Optional) For Manifest window duration, type the total duration (in seconds) of the manifest.

  4. (Optional) In Profile, specify a DASH profile, like HbbTV.

    Choose from the following:

    • None – the output doesn't use a DASH profile

    • Hbbtv 1.5 – the output is HbbTV-compliant

  5. (Optional) For Min update period, type the minimum amount of time (in seconds) that the player should wait before requesting manifest updates. A lower value means that manifests are updated more frequently, but a lower value also contributes to request and response network traffic.

  6. (Optional) For Min buffer time, type the minimum amount of time (in seconds) that a player must keep in the buffer. If network conditions interrupt playback, the player will have additional buffered content before playback fails, allowing for recovery time before the viewer's experience is affected.

  7. (Optional) For Suggested presentation delay, enter the amount of time (in seconds) that the player should be from the end of the manifest. This sets the content start point back x seconds from the end of the manifest (the point where content is live). For example, with a 35-second presentation delay, requests at 5:30 receive content from 5:29:25. When used with time delay, AWS Elemental MediaPackage adds the suggested presentation delay to the time delay duration.