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Limits in AWS Elemental MediaPackage

The following sections provide information about the limits in AWS Elemental MediaPackage. For information about requesting an increase to soft limits, see AWS Service Limits. Hard limits cannot be changed.

Soft Limits

The following table describes limits in AWS Elemental MediaPackage that can be increased. For information about changing limits, see AWS Service Limits.

For some customers, your account limit might be below these advertised limits. If you believe that you encountered a Resource limit exceeded error wrongfully, create a Service Limit Increase case and provide details such as how many channels or endpoints you have and what you were trying to do.

Resource Default Limit
Maximum Channels 10


Increasing your channel limit doesn't always mean that you also need to increase your endpoints. For example, if you need 14 channels and want to serve HLS, HLS encrypted, and DASH content from each channel, you need only three endpoints for each channel (one for each output type). The default endpoint limit is 10 so, although you do need a channel limit increase, you don't need to increase your endpoint limit. You won't exceed the limit of 10 endpoints per channel.

Maximum Endpoints per Channel 10

This is a per channel limit. Each endpoint represents the output package that you use. If one channel serves HLS, HLS encrypted, DASH, DASH encrypted, Microsoft Smooth, and Microsoft Smooth encrypted content, then that channel has six endpoints and falls within the 10 endpoints limit. If you have 10 channels set up this same way, then you still haven't exceeded the limit because each channel uses only 6 endpoints.

Hard Limits

The following table describes limits within AWS Elemental MediaPackage that can't be increased.

Resource or Operation Limit
Input Stream Limits 20 streams per channel, and 10 tracks per stream
Maximum Content Retention 336 hours (14 days)
Maximum Live Manifest Length 5 minutes
Maximum Time-shifted Manifest Length 6 hours
Request Rates per Channel
  • Input: 50 requests per second

  • Output: 200 requests per second

REST API Requests
  • Steady state: 5 requests per second

  • Bursting: 50 requests per second

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