VOD content quotas - AWS Elemental MediaPackage

VOD content quotas

This section describes the quotas for video on demand (VOD) content in AWS Elemental MediaPackage. For information about requesting an increase to soft quotas, see AWS Service Quotas. Hard quotas can't be changed.

VOD soft quotas

The following table describes quotas in AWS Elemental MediaPackage for VOD content that can be increased. For information about changing quotas, see AWS Service Quotas.

For some customers, your account quota might be below these published quotas. If you believe that you encountered a Resource limit exceeded error wrongfully, use the Service Quotas console to request quota increases.

Resource Default quota
Maximum Packaging Groups 10

Increasing your packaging group quota doesn't always mean that you also need to increase your assets or packaging configurations. For example, if you need 14 groups and want to serve HLS, HLS encrypted, and DASH content from each asset, you need only 3 packaging configurations for each asset (one for each output type). You do need to increase your packaging group quota, but not the packaging configuration quota because you have fewer than 10 configurations per packaging group.

Maximum Packaging Configurations per Packaging Group 10

This is a per packaging group quota. Each packaging configuration represents the output package that you use. If one packaging group has configurations for HLS, HLS encrypted, DASH, DASH encrypted, Microsoft Smooth, and Microsoft Smooth encrypted content, then that group has 6 packaging configurations and falls within the 10 configurations quota. If you have 10 packaging groups set up this same way, then you still haven't exceeded the quota because each group uses only 6 configurations.

Maximum Assets per Packaging Group 10,000

This is a per packaging group quota. For example, if you have 10,500 assets spread out over multiple packaging groups, then you still haven't exceeded the quota if each group has no more than 10,000 assets.

VOD hard quotas

The following table describes quotas within AWS Elemental MediaPackage for VOD content that can't be increased.

Resource or operation Quota
Ingest streams per Asset 20
Request Rates per Asset
  • Media segments output: 600 requests per second

  • Manifests output: 1000 requests per second


The per Asset origination request rate quotas are indicative only and based on typical traffic patterns when using a properly configured CDN. The request rate quotas may be lower under certain conditions like misconfigured CDNs or players generating abnormal levels of origin requests with unique HTTP headers values, or unique query strings values appended to the playback URLs.

REST API Requests
  • Steady state: 5 requests per second

  • Bursting: 50 requests per second

Tracks per Ingest Stream


The maximum number of tracks (audio, video, subtitle, etc.) per stream that you can ingest.