AWS Elemental MediaPackage
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Creating Live-to-VOD Assets with AWS Elemental MediaPackage

A live-to-VOD (video on demand) asset is a portion of a live stream that's been extracted and saved for playback later. For example, you might save clips from a game for a highlight reel, or a clip of a broadcast show to use later in advertisements for the show.

To create a live-to-VOD asset in MediaPackage, create a harvest job resource. The harvest job is a request that you create for MediaPackage to extract a portion of a live stream and save the clip as a live-to-VOD asset in an Amazon S3 bucket. The job runs once, then MediaPackage keeps a record of it on your account for 90 days. This record is for reference purposes only. You can't delete or modify it.


To create live-to-VOD assets, you must allow MediaPackage to access and save to an Amazon S3 bucket. For instructions, see Allowing AWS Elemental MediaPackage to Access Amazon S3.

The following topics provide more information about live-to-VOD assets in MediaPackage.