Accessing MediaPackage - AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Accessing MediaPackage

You can access MediaPackage using any of the following methods.

  • AWS Management Console - The procedures throughout this guide explain how to use the AWS Management Console to perform tasks for MediaPackage.
  • AWS Command Line Interface - For more information, see the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide.

    aws mediapackagev2
  • MediaPackage API - For information about API actions and about how to make API requests, see the AWS Elemental MediaConnect API Reference.
  • AWS SDKs - If you're using a programming language that AWS provides an SDK for, you can use an SDK to access MediaPackage. SDKs simplify authentication, integrate easily with your development environment, and provide easy access to MediaPackage commands. For more information, see Tools for Amazon Web Services.

  • AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell - For more information, see the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell User Guide.