Generating the required AWS credentials - Application Migration Service

Generating the required AWS credentials

In order to install the AWS Replication Agent, you must first generate the required AWS credentials. You will need to create at least one AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user, and assign the proper permission policy to this user. You will obtain an Access key ID and Secret access key, which you will need to enter into the Agent installation prompt in order to begin the installation.


You can use the same credentials to install multiple Agents.

  1. Open the AWS Management Console and look for IAM under Find Services.

  2. From the IAM main page, choose Users from the left-hand navigation menu.

  3. You can either select an existing user or add a new user. These steps show the path for adding a new user for Application Migration Service. Choose Add user.

  4. Give the user a User name and select the Programmatic access access type. Choose Next: Permissions.

  5. Choose the Attach existing policies directly option. Search for AWSApplicationMigrationAgentPolicy. Select the policy and choose Next: Tags. Learn more about the AWSApplicationMigrationAgentPolicy.

  6. Add tags if you wish to use them. Tags are optional. These instructions do not include adding tags. Choose Next: Review.

  7. Review the information. Ensure that the Programmatic access type is selected and that the correct policy is attached to the user. Choose Create user.

  8. The AWS Management Console will confirm that the user has been successfully created and will provide you with the Access key ID and Secret access key that you will need in order to install the AWS Replication Agent.

    You need the Access key ID and secret access key in order to install the AWS Replication Agent on your source servers. You can save this information as .csv file by choosing the Download .csv option.

    You can also access this information and re-generate your security credentials by navigating to IM > Users > Your user.

    Open the Security credentials tab and scroll down to Access keys. Here you can manage your access keys (create, delete, etc).