Generating the required AWS credentials - Application Migration Service

Generating the required AWS credentials

In order to install the AWS Replication Agent, you must first generate the required AWS credentials.


Temporary credentials have many advantages. You don't need to rotate them or revoke them when they're no longer needed, and they cannot be reused after they expire. You can specify for how long the credentials are valid, up to a maximum limit. Because they provide enhanced security, using temporary credentials is considered best practice and the recommended option.

Temporary credentials

The temporary credentials provided by AWS Application Migration Service utilize a similar mechanism to the one used by IAM Roles Anywhere.

To create temporary credentials, you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a new IAM Role with the AWSApplicationMigrationAgentInstallationPolicy policy.

  2. Request temporary security credentials through AWS STS through the AssumeRole API.

Learn more about how temporary credentials work.

Permanent credentials

Where possible, we recommend using temporary credentials instead of creating users who have long-term credentials such as passwords and access keys. However, there are specific use cases that require long-term credentials (for example, agentless snapshot based replications). Learn more about long-term credentials.