Launching test and cutover instances - Application Migration Service

Launching test and cutover instances

AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) allows you to launch test and cutover instances in AWS. Prior to launching instances, you must configure your Launch settings. The following documentation explains how to configure Launch settings and how to launch Test and cutover instances using the configured settings.

Launch settings determine how your Test and cutover instances will be launched in AWS. Through Launch settings, you can fully customize your test and cutover instances by configuring key metrics, such as the Subnet within which the instance will be launched, the instance type to be used, licence transfers, replication status, and a variety of other settings. AWS MGN ensures that your test and cutover instances constantly abide by the latest AWS security, instance, and other updates by utilizing EC2 launch templates. EC2 launch templates always use the latest EC2 instance and technology. They integrate with Application Migration Service in order to give you full control over every single setting within your test and cutover instance. Once you have configured your instance's launch settings, you can launch them directly through the AWS MGN console. During the launch process, either during test or cutover instance launch, the AWS Replication agent is removed from the test or cutover instance, and will not run on it.