Step 2: Create an application - AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces

Step 2: Create an application

This step describes how to create an application as part of the Refactor Spaces Getting started wizard. You can also create an application by choosing Create application under Quick actions in the Refactor Spaces navigation pane.

Applications are containers of services and routes that provide multi-account traffic routing for services in the application. When you create an application, you must provide Refactor Spaces with a VPC to route traffic from the application to services with private URL endpoints. For each application, Refactor Spaces orchestrate a proxy with an Amazon API Gateway connected to a Network Load Balancer through a VPC link.

To create an application
  1. On the Create application page, enter a name for your application.

  2. Under Proxy VPC, choose a proxy virtual private cloud (VPC) or choose Create VPC.

    An application’s proxy needs a VPC. The proxy’s Network Load Balancer is launched in the VPC and an API Gateway VPC link is configured for the VPC and Network Load Balancer.

    When creating an application in an environment without a network bridge, you need to configure VPC to VPC connectivity between your service VPCs and the Refactor Spaces application proxy VPC.

  3. Under Proxy endpoint type select Regional or Private.

    The proxy’s endpoint can be either Regional or private. Regional API Gateway endpoints are accessible through the public internet, and private API Gateway endpoints are only accessible through VPCs.

  4. Choose Next to move to the Share environment page.