What is AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces? - AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces

What is AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces?

AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces is the starting point for incremental application refactoring to microservices in AWS. Refactor Spaces helps reduce the undifferentiated heavy lifting of building and operating AWS infrastructure for incremental refactoring. You can use Refactor Spaces to help reduce risk when evolving applications into microservices or extending existing applications with new features written in microservices.

The Refactor Spaces environment simplifies cross-account networking by orchestrating AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Resource Access Manager, and virtual private clouds (VPCs). Refactor Spaces bridges networking across AWS accounts to allow legacy and new services to communicate while maintaining the independence of separate AWS accounts.

Refactor Spaces provides an application that models the Strangler Fig pattern for incremental refactoring. A Refactor Spaces application orchestrates Amazon API Gateway, Network Load Balancer, and resource-based AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies so that you can transparently add new services to an external HTTP endpoint.

You can also incrementally route traffic to the new services and Refactor Spaces periodically resolves Domain Name System (DNS) names for these services. This keeps underlying architecture changes transparent for your application consumers. For more information about the Strangler Fig pattern, see Strangler Fig Application.

Are you a first-time Refactor Spaces user?

If you are a first-time user of Refactor Spaces, we recommend that you begin by reading the following sections:


All Refactor Spaces orchestrated resources (for example, Transit Gateway) are provisioned in your AWS account. Therefore, you pay for usage of Refactor Spaces plus any costs associated with provisioned resources. You are charged for Refactor Spaces usage based on the number of hours that you run your refactor environments and API requests to Refactor Spaces. For more information, see AWS Migration Hub pricing.