AWS Migration Hub
User Guide

Troubleshooting AWS Migration Hub

Following, you can find information on how to troubleshoot issues for AWS Migration Hub.

My Migrations Do Not Appear in Migration Hub

If you are not seeing your applications' migration status updates on the Updates page in Migration Hub, it is usually due to one of the following:

  • Migration tools not being authorized to communicate with Migration Hub.

  • You do not have the necessary polices and roles set up in IAM.

  • Migration status mapping is incorrect needs to be done manually.


To make sure authentication is occurring correctly:

Migration Status Matching When Using AWS Discovery Tools

  • Check if a migration update must be manually mapped or was incorrectly mapped to a discovered server, see Tracking Migration Updates.

Updates About My Migrations Don't Appear Inside an Application

If you are not seeing your migration updates associated with an application, it is usually due to one of the following:

  • Servers not being grouped as an application.

  • Migration update status not being refreshed.

  • Migration updates are not mapped or are incorrectly mapped to a server.

Servers' Application Grouping

Update Status

Update and Server Mapping

  • Check if the update is present on Updates page.

  • If not on the Updates page, then check if the migration tool was authorized by looking on the Migration Tools page - in the navigation pane, under Migrate, choose Tools.

  • On the Updates page, verify the update is mapped to the correct server (will show "Edit" in "Mapped servers" column).

  • If mapped to a server on the Updates page, then verify if the server is grouped into application on the Servers page with an application name present in the "Applications" column.