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Tutorial: Restricting an Amazon MWAA user's access to a subset of DAGs

Amazon MWAA manages access to your environment by mapping your IAM principals to one or more of Apache Airflow's default roles. The following tutorial shows how you can restrict individual Amazon MWAA users to only view and interact with a specific DAG or a set of DAGs.


The steps in this tutorial can be completed using federated access, as long as the IAM roles can be assumed.


To complete the steps in this tutorial, you'll need the following:

Step one: Provide Amazon MWAA web server access to your IAM principal with the default Public Apache Airflow role.

To grant permission using the AWS Management Console
  1. Sign in to your AWS account with an Admin role and open the IAM console.

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Users, then choose your Amazon MWAA IAM user from the users table.

  3. On the user details page, under Summary, choose the Permissions tab, then choose Permissions policies to expand the card and choose Add permissions.

  4. In the Grant permissions section, choose Attach existing policies directly, then choose Create policy to create and attach your own custom permissions policy.

  5. On the Create policy page, choose JSON, then copy and paste the following JSON permissions policy in the policy editor. Tha policy grants web server access to the user with the default Public Apache Airflow role.

    { "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Effect": "Allow", "Action": "airflow:CreateWebLoginToken", "Resource": [ "arn:aws:airflow:YOUR_REGION:YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID:role/YOUR_ENVIRONMENT_NAME/Public" ] } ] }

Step two: Create a new Apache Airflow custom role

To create a new role using the Apache Airflow UI
  1. Using your administrator IAM role, open the Amazon MWAA console and launch your environment's Apache Airflow UI.

  2. From the navigation pane at the top, hover on Security to open the dropdown list, then choose List Roles to view the default Apache Airflow roles.

  3. From the roles list, select User, then at the top of the page choose Actions to open the dropdown. Choose Copy Role, and confirm Ok


    Copy the Ops or Viewer roles to grant more or less access, respectively.

  4. Locate the new role you created in the table and choose Edit record.

  5. On the Edit Role page, do the following:

    • For Name, type a new name for the role in the text field. For example, Restricted.

    • For the list of Permissions, remove can read on DAGs and can edit on DAGs, then add read and write permissions for the set of DAGs you want to provide access to. For example, for a DAG, example_dag.py, add can read on DAG:example_dag and can edit on DAG:example_dag.

    Choose Save. You should now have a new role that limits access to a subset of DAGs available in your Amazon MWAA environment. You can now assign this role to any existing Apache Airflow users.

Step three: Assign the role you created to your Amazon MWAA user

To assign the new role
  1. Using access credentials for MWAAUser, run the following CLI command to retrieve your environment's web server URL.

    $ aws mwaa get-environment --name YOUR_ENVIRONMENT_NAME | jq '.Environment.WebserverUrl'

    If successful, you'll see the following output:

  2. With MWAAUser signed in to the AWS Management Console, open a new browser window and access the following URl. Replace Webserver-URL with your information.


    If successful, you'll see a Forbidden error page because MWAAUser has not been granted permission to access the Apache Airflow UI yet.

  3. With Admin signed in to the AWS Management Console, open the Amazon MWAA console again and launch your environment's Apache Airflow UI.

  4. From the UI dashboard, expand the Security dropdown, and this time choose List Users.

  5. In the users table, find the new Apache Airflow user and choose Edit record. The user's first name will match your IAM user name in the following pattern: user/mwaa-user.

  6. On the Edit User page, in the Role section, add the new custom role you created, then choose Save.


    The Last Name field is required, but a space satisfies the requirement.

    The IAM Public principal grants the MWAAUser permission to access the Apache Airflow UI, while the new role provides the additional permissions needed to see their DAGs.


Any of the 5 default roles (such as Admin) not authorized by IAM which are added using the Apache Airflow UI will be removed on next user login.

Next steps

  • To learn more about managing access to your Amazon MWAA environment, and to see sample JSON IAM policies you can use for your environment users, see Accessing an Amazon MWAA environment

  • Access Control (Apache Airflow Documentation) – Learn more about the default Apache Airflow roles on the Apache Airflow documentation website.