Deleting a firewall - AWS Network Firewall

Deleting a firewall

To delete a firewall, you first disassociate all AWS resources from the firewall and remove the firewall from any route tables that mention it. You must also disable the firewall's logging configuration. For information about updating a firewall's logging configuration, see Updating a firewall's logging configuration. To delete a firewall in the console, perform the following procedure.

To delete a firewall
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon VPC console at

  2. In the navigation pane, under Network Firewall, choose Firewalls.

  3. In the Firewalls page, select the firewall that you want to delete.

  4. Choose Delete, and then confirm your request.

Your firewall is removed from the list in the Firewalls page. The removal can take a few minutes to complete.