Monitoring HealthOmics with Amazon CloudWatch - AWS HealthOmics

Monitoring HealthOmics with Amazon CloudWatch

You can monitor HealthOmics using CloudWatch, which collects raw data and processes it into readable, near real-time metrics. These statistics are kept for 15 months, so that you can access historical information and gain a better perspective on how your web application or service is performing. You can also set alarms that watch for certain thresholds, and send notifications or take actions when those thresholds are met. For more information, see the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

The AWS HealthOmics service reports the following metrics in the AWS/Omics namespace.

API Call Count metrics are reported for the following AWS HealthOmics APIs. Only the API Operation dimension is reported.

  • Reference and reference store APIs —CreateReferenceStore, DeleteReferenceStore, StartReferenceImportJob

  • Sequence store and read set APIs —CreateSequenceStore, DeleteSequenceStore, StartReadSetImportJob, StartReadSetActivationJob, StartReadSetExportJob

  • Variant store APIs — CreateVariantStore, DeleteVariantStore, StartVariantImportJob, CancelVariantImportJob

  • Annotation store APIs — CreateAnnotationStore, DeleteAnotationStore, StartAnnotationImportJob, CancelAnnotationImportJob

  • Workflow, run, and run group APIs — CreateWorkflow, DeleteWorkflow, StartRun, CancelRun, DeleteRun, CreateRunGroup, DeleteRunGroup

Viewing AWS HealthOmics metrics

CloudWatch metrics for AWS HealthOmics are viewable in the CloudWatch console.

To view metrics (CloudWatch console)
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the CloudWatch console.

  2. Choose Metrics, choose All Metrics, and then choose AWS/Usage.

  3. Filter Service for AWS HealthOmics.

  4. Choose the dimension, choose a metric name, then choose Add to graph.

  5. Choose a value for the date range. The metric count for the selected date range is displayed in the graph.

Creating an alarm using CloudWatch

A CloudWatch alarm watches a single metric over a specified time period, and performs one or more actions: sending a notification to an Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) topic or Auto Scaling policy. The action or actions are based on the value of the metric relative to a given threshold over a number of time periods that you specify. CloudWatch can also send you an Amazon SNS message when the alarm changes state.

CloudWatch alarms invoke actions only when the state changes and has persisted for the period you specify.

To view metrics (CloudWatch console)
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the CloudWatch console.

  2. Choose Alarms, and then choose Create Alarm.

  3. Choose AWS/Usage, and then choose an AWS HealthOmics metric using the Service dimension.

  4. For Time Range, choose a time range to monitor, and then choose Next.

  5. Enter a Name and Description.

  6. For Whenever, choose >=, and type a maximum value.

  7. If you want CloudWatch to send an email when the alarm state is reached, in the Actions section, for Whenever this alarm, choose State is ALARM. For Send notification to, choose a mailing list or choose New list and create a new mailing list.

  8. Preview the alarm in the Alarm Preview section. If you are satisfied with the alarm, choose Create Alarm.