Using a Back-end Data Store - AWS OpsWorks

Using a Back-end Data Store

Application server stacks commonly include a database server to provide a back-end data store. AWS OpsWorks Stacks provides integrated support for MySQL servers through the MySQL layer and for several types of database servers through the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) layer. However, you can easily customize a stack to have the application servers use other database servers such as Amazon DynamoDB or MongoDB. This topic describes the basic procedure for connecting an application server to an AWS database server. It uses the stack and application from Getting Started with Chef 11 Linux Stacks to show how to manually connect a PHP application server to an RDS database. Although the example is based on a Linux stack, the basic principles also apply to Windows stacks. For an example of how to incorporate a MongoDB database server into a stack, see Deploying MongoDB with OpsWorks.


This topic uses Amazon RDS as a convenient example. However, if you want to use an Amazon RDS database with your stack, it's much easier to use an Amazon RDS layer.