Application Server Layers - AWS OpsWorks

Application Server Layers


These layers are available only for Chef 11 and earlier Linux-based stacks.

AWS OpsWorks Stacks supports several different application servers, where "application" includes static web pages. Each type of server has a separate AWS OpsWorks Stacks layer, with built-in recipes that handle installing the application server and any related packages on each of the layer's instances, deploying apps, and so on. For example, the Java App Server layer installs several packages—including Apache, Tomcat, and OpenJDK—and deploys Java apps to each of the layer's instances.

The following is the basic procedure for using an application server layers:

  1. Create one of the available App Server layer types.

  2. Add one or more instances to the layer.

  3. Create apps and deploy them to the instances. For more information, see Apps.

  4. (Optional) If the layer has multiple instances, you can add a load balancer, which distributes incoming traffic across the instances. For more information, see HAProxy AWS OpsWorks Stacks Layer.