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Service Quotas and AWS Organizations

Service Quotas is an AWS service that enables you to view and manage your quotas from a central location. Quotas, also referred to as limits, are the maximum value for your resources, actions, and items in your AWS account.

When Service Quotas is associated with AWS Organizations, you can create a quota request template to automatically request quota increases when accounts are created.

For more information about Service Quotas, see the Service Quotas User Guide.

Use the following information to help you integrate Service Quotas with AWS Organizations.

Service-linked roles created when you enable integration

The following service-linked role is automatically created in your organization's management account when you enable trusted access. This role allows Service Quotas to perform supported operations within your organization's accounts in your organization.

You can delete or modify this role only if you disable trusted access between Service Quotas and Organizations, or if you remove the member account from the organization.

  • AWSServiceRoleForServiceQuotas

Service principals used by the service-linked roles

The service-linked role in the previous section can be assumed only by the service principals authorized by the trust relationships defined for the role. The service-linked roles used by Service Quotas grant access to the following service principals:


Enabling trusted access with Service Quotas

For information about the permissions needed to enable trusted access, see Permissions required to enable trusted access.

You can enable trusted access using only Service Quotas.

You can enable trusted access using the Service Quotas console, AWS CLI or SDK: