Supported computer vision models and cameras - AWS Panorama

Supported computer vision models and cameras

AWS Panorama supports models built with PyTorch, Apache MXNet, and TensorFlow. When you deploy an application, AWS Panorama compiles your model in SageMaker Neo. You can build models in Amazon SageMaker or in your development environment, as long as you use layers that are compatible with SageMaker Neo.

To process video and get images to send to a model, the AWS Panorama Appliance connects to an H.264 encoded video stream with the RTSP protocol. AWS Panorama tests a variety of common cameras for compatibility.

Supported models

When you build an application for AWS Panorama, you provide a machine learning model that the application uses for computer vision. You can use pre-built and pre-trained models provided by model frameworks, a sample model, or a model that you build and train yourself.


For a list of pre-built models that have been tested with AWS Panorama, see Model compatibility.

When you deploy an application, AWS Panorama uses the SageMaker Neo compiler to compile your computer vision model. SageMaker Neo is a compiler that optimizes models to run efficiently on a target platform, which can be an instance in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), or an edge device such as the AWS Panorama Appliance.

AWS Panorama supports the versions of PyTorch, Apache MXNet, and TensorFlow that are supported for edge devices by SageMaker Neo. When you build your own model, you can use the framework versions listed in the SageMaker Neo release notes. In SageMaker, you can use the built-in image classification algorithm.

For more information about using models in AWS Panorama, see Computer vision models.

Supported cameras

The AWS Panorama Appliance supports H.264 video streams from cameras that output RTSP over a local network. For camera streams greater than 2 megapixels, the appliance scales down the image to 1920x1080 pixels or an equivalent size that preserves the stream's aspect ratio.

The following camera models have been tested for compatibility with the AWS Panorama Appliance:

  • Axis – M3057-PLVE, M3058-PLVE, P1448-LE, P3225-LV Mk II

  • LaView – LV-PB3040W

  • Vivotek – IB9360-H

  • Amcrest – IP2M-841B

  • Anpviz – IPC-B850W-S-3X, IPC-D250W-S

  • WGCC – Dome PoE 4MP ONVIF

For the appliance's hardware specifications, see AWS Panorama Appliance specifications.