Viewing AWS Panorama event logs in CloudWatch Logs - AWS Panorama

Viewing AWS Panorama event logs in CloudWatch Logs

AWS Panorama reports application and system events to Amazon CloudWatch Logs. When you encounter issues, you can use the event logs to help debug your AWS Panorama application or to troubleshoot the application configuration.

To debug your code and validate that it is working as expected, you can output logs with the standard logging functionality for Python. You can view logs in the CloudWatch Logs console.

To view logs in CloudWatch Logs

  1. Open the Log groups page of the CloudWatch Logs console.

  2. Find AWS Panorama application and appliance logs in the following groups:

    • Application code/aws/greengrass/Lambda/us-east-1/123456789012/function-name

      Replace the highlighted values with your AWS Region, account ID, and function name.

    • AWS IoT Greengrass system/aws/greengrass/GreengrassSystem/component-name

    • AWS Panorama Appliance system/aws/panorama_device/iot-thing-name

      Log streams include syslog, iot_job_agent, mediapipeline, and a stream for each camera.

If you don't see logs in CloudWatch Logs, confirm that you are in the correct AWS Region. If you are, there might be an issue with the appliance's connection to AWS or with permissions on the appliance's AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role.

With the AWS Panorama Appliance Developer Kit, you can connect to the appliance over a local network to view logs and configuration files. For more information, see Using the developer kit.