pcluster describe-cluster - AWS ParallelCluster

pcluster describe-cluster

Get detailed information about a cluster.

pcluster describe-cluster [-h] --cluster-name CLUSTER_NAME [--debug] [--query QUERY] [--region REGION]

Named arguments

-h, --help

Shows the help text for pcluster describe-cluster.

--cluster-name, -n CLUSTER_NAME

Specifies the name of the cluster.


Enables debug logging.

--query QUERY

Specifies the JMESPath query to perform on the output.

--region, -r REGION

Specifies the AWS Region to use. The AWS Region must be specified, using the AWS_DEFAULT_REGION environment variable, the region setting in the [default] section of the ~/.aws/config file, or the --region parameter.

Examples using AWS ParallelCluster version 3.1.4:

Describe cluster details:

$ pcluster describe-cluster -n cluster-v3 { "creationTime": "2022-07-12T17:19:16.101Z", "headNode": { "launchTime": "2022-07-12T17:22:21.000Z", "instanceId": "i-1234567890abcdef0", "publicIpAddress": "", "instanceType": "t2.micro", "state": "running", "privateIpAddress": "" }, "loginNodes": { "status": "active", "address": "8af2145440569xyz.us-east-1.amazonaws.com", "scheme": "internet-facing|internal", "healthyNodes": 3, "unhealthyNodes": 0 }, "version": "3.1.4", "clusterConfiguration": { "url": "https://parallelcluster-e5ca74255d6c3886-v1-do-not-delete..." }, "tags": [ { "value": "3.1.4", "key": "parallelcluster:version" } ], "cloudFormationStackStatus": "CREATE_COMPLETE", "clusterName": "cluster-v3", "computeFleetStatus": "RUNNING", "cloudformationStackArn": "arn:aws:cloudformation:us-east-1:123456789012:stack/cluster-v3/1234abcd-56ef-78gh-90ij-abcd1234efgh", "lastUpdatedTime": "2022-07-12T17:19:16.101Z", "region": "us-east-1", "clusterStatus": "CREATE_COMPLETE" }

Use describe-cluster to retrieve the cluster configuration:

$ curl -o - $(pcluster describe-cluster -n cluster-v3 --query clusterConfiguration.url | xargs echo) Region: us-east-1 Image: Os: alinux2 HeadNode: InstanceType: t2.micro Networking: SubnetId: subnet-abcdef01234567890 Ssh: KeyName: adpc Iam: S3Access: - BucketName: cluster-v3-bucket KeyName: logs EnableWriteAccess: true Scheduling: Scheduler: slurm SlurmQueues: - Name: queue1 ComputeResources: - Name: t2micro InstanceType: t2.micro MinCount: 0 MaxCount: 10 Networking: SubnetIds: - subnet-021345abcdef6789