What is AWS ParallelCluster - AWS ParallelCluster

What is AWS ParallelCluster

AWS ParallelCluster is an AWS supported open source cluster management tool that helps you to deploy and manage high performance computing (HPC) clusters in the AWS Cloud. It automatically sets up the required compute resources, scheduler, and shared filesystem. You can use AWS ParallelCluster with AWS Batch and Slurm schedulers.

With AWS ParallelCluster, you can quickly build and deploy proof of concept and production HPC compute environments. You can also build and deploy a high level workflow on top of AWS ParallelCluster, such as a genomics portal that automates an entire DNA sequencing workflow.

You can access AWS ParallelCluster by using the following methods:


When using the AWS ParallelCluster command line interface (CLI) or API, you only pay for the AWS resources that are created when you create or update AWS ParallelCluster images and clusters. For more information, see AWS services used by AWS ParallelCluster.

The AWS ParallelCluster UI is built on a serverless architecture and you can use it within the AWS Free Tier category for most cases. For more information, see AWS ParallelCluster UI costs.