pcluster list-images - AWS ParallelCluster

pcluster list-images

Retrieve the list of existing custom images.

pcluster list-images [-h] --image-status {AVAILABLE,PENDING,FAILED} [--debug] [--next-token NEXT_TOKEN] [--query QUERY] [--region REGION]

Named arguments

-h, --help

Shows the help text for pcluster list-images.


Filter returned images by the status provided.


Enables debug logging.

--next-token NEXT_TOKEN

Specifies the token to use for paginated requests.

--query QUERY

Specifies the JMESPath query to perform on the output.

--region, -r REGION

Specifies the AWS Region to use. The AWS Region must be specified, using the AWS_DEFAULT_REGION environment variable, the region setting in the [default] section of the ~/.aws/config file, or the --region parameter.

Example using AWS ParallelCluster version 3.1.2:

$ pcluster list-images --image-status AVAILABLE { "images": [ { "imageId": "custom-alinux2-image", "imageBuildStatus": "BUILD_COMPLETE", "ec2AmiInfo": { "amiId": "ami-1234abcd5678efgh" }, "region": "us-east-1", "version": "3.1.2" } ] }