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AWS ParallelCluster UI

The AWS ParallelCluster UI is a web-based user interface that serves as a dashboard for creating, monitoring, and managing clusters. You install and access the AWS ParallelCluster UI in your AWS account. The AWS ParallelCluster UI is added with AWS ParallelCluster version 3.5.0.

To install the AWS ParallelCluster UI and get started, see Installing the AWS ParallelCluster UI and Configure and create a cluster with the AWS ParallelCluster UI.

In the AWS ParallelCluster UI home page, you can create, edit, and delete a cluster You can also view your list of clusters and selected cluster details, and navigate to clusters, official images, custom images, and users.
The AWS ParallelCluster UI supports the following features:
  • Displays the following:

    • The list of clusters you've created in your AWS account with AWS ParallelCluster.

    • The available status and details for your listed clusters.

    • CloudFormation stack event and AWS ParallelCluster logs that you can use for monitoring.

    • The status of jobs that are running on your clusters.

    • The list of custom images that you can use to build clusters.

    • The list of official images that the UI uses to create clusters.

    • The list of users that have access to the AWS ParallelCluster UI. You can add and remove users.

  • Provides step-by-step guidance for creating and editing (updating) a cluster and selecting supported cluster features to add, edit, or remove. Inaccessible input fields can't be changed for the cluster configuration being edited. You have the option to perform a dry run validation of your cluster configuration before cluster deployment.

  • Features direct shell links to access the head node in the Clusters view. Choose Add SSM session during the step-by-step guidance to add the direct shell access, and the SSM Managed Instance Core policy on the head node.

Consider the following when using the AWS ParallelCluster UI to create and manage your clusters:
  • You can only create and edit clusters or build images with the same AWS ParallelCluster version that was used to create the AWS ParallelCluster UI. Earlier version clusters or images can only be viewed. If you manage multiple versions of clusters and images, we recommend that you create an AWS ParallelCluster UI instance to support each version.

  • The AWS ParallelCluster UI is designed to mirror the pcluster CLI functionality. There are some differences. If you align with the step-by-step guidance, then you are using all of the supported features. Before deployment, you have the option to edit the cluster or image configuration manually. If you do this, we recommend that you validate the configuration by choosing Dry run to verify that your edits are fully supported.


AWS ParallelCluster UI doesn't support AWS Batch.