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AWS ParallelCluster support policy

AWS ParallelCluster has multiple releases available at a time. Starting with version 2.11.0, new releases (indicated by a version number of x.x.0) can be designated as either latest (eligible for feature, security, and bug fix updates) or feature-stable (eligible only for security and bug fix updates).

Releases that are neither latest nor feature-stable are eligible for troubleshooting on a best effort basis. Any security patches or bug fixes are only applied to feature-stable releases; feature updates are only applied to latest releases.

Starting with the release of AWS ParallelCluster version 2.11.0, releases prior to version 2.11.0 (2.10.4 and earlier) are supported until December 31, 2021. AWS ParallelCluster version 2.11.0 is the first feature-stable release. feature-stable releases are supported with security and bug fix updates until the end of the year following the release. Since version 2.11.0 was released in 2021, versions 2.11.x are supported until December 31. 2022.

AWS ParallelCluster aims to provide consistency and predictability in our feature-stable releases, but note that this does not extend to product components that have reached end-of-life. For example, in the case of SGE, Torque, and the CentOS 8 operating system, these features are all marked for end-of-life on December 31, 2021, and will not be included in 2.11.x releases beyond that date.

AWS ParallelCluster 3 minor releases are supported for 18 months after their release date. This is subject to the following:

  • Bugs and security issues will be addressed in a minor release (e.g., 3.1) unless severity requires a more immediate patch release (e.g, 3.1.1).

  • To receive bug and security fixes you must upgrade to a minor or patch release in which these fixes are provided.

  • To receive feature enhancements, you need to upgrade to the most recent version of AWS ParallelCluster 3.

AWS ParallelCluster versions End of supported life (EOSL) date
2.10.4 and earlier 12/31/2021
2.11.x 12/31/2022
3.0.x 3/31/2023