Encrypt, Decrypt and Re-encrypt data - AWS Payment Cryptography

Encrypt, Decrypt and Re-encrypt data

Encryption and Decryption methods can be used to encrypt or decrypt data using a variety of symmetric and asymmetric techniques including TDES, AES and RSA. These methods also support keys derived using DUKPT and EMV techniques. For use cases where you wish to secure data under a new key without exposing the underlying data, the ReEncrypt command can also be used.


When using the encrypt/decrypt functions, all inputs are assumed to be in hexBinary - for instance a value of 1 will be input as 31 (hex) and a lower case t is represented as 74 (hex). All outputs are in hexBinary as well.

For details on all available options, please consult the API Guide for Encrypt, Decrypt, and Re-Encrypt.