MetricQuery - Amazon RDS Performance Insights


A single query to be processed. You must provide the metric to query. If no other parameters are specified, Performance Insights returns all of the data points for that metric. You can optionally request that the data points be aggregated by dimension group ( GroupBy), and return only those data points that match your criteria (Filter).



In the following list, the required parameters are described first.


The name of a Performance Insights metric to be measured.

Valid values for Metric are:

  • db.load.avg - a scaled representation of the number of active sessions for the database engine.

  • db.sampledload.avg - the raw number of active sessions for the database engine.

If the number of active sessions is less than an internal Performance Insights threshold, db.load.avg and db.sampledload.avg are the same value. If the number of active sessions is greater than the internal threshold, Performance Insights samples the active sessions, with db.load.avg showing the scaled values, db.sampledload.avg showing the raw values, and db.sampledload.avg less than db.load.avg. For most use cases, you can query db.load.avg only.

Type: String

Required: Yes


One or more filters to apply in the request. Restrictions:

  • Any number of filters by the same dimension, as specified in the GroupBy parameter.

  • A single filter for any other dimension in this dimension group.

Type: String to string map

Required: No


A specification for how to aggregate the data points from a query result. You must specify a valid dimension group. Performance Insights will return all of the dimensions within that group, unless you provide the names of specific dimensions within that group. You can also request that Performance Insights return a limited number of values for a dimension.

Type: DimensionGroup object

Required: No

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