Amazon Aurora
User Guide for Aurora (API Version 2014-10-31)

Performance Insights Counters

The following database counters are available for Performance Insights. You can find definitions for these metrics in Viewing Statistics in the PostgreSQL documentation.

Counter Type



tup_fetched SQL
tup_inserted SQL
tup_returned SQL
tup_updated SQL
buffers_checkpoint Checkpoint
checkpoints_req Checkpoint
checkpoint_sync_latency Checkpoint
checkpoint_sync_time Checkpoint
checkpoints_timed Checkpoint
checkpoint_write_latency Checkpoint
checkpoint_write_time Checkpoint
maxwritten_clean Checkpoint
time_since_checkpoint Checkpoint
active_transactions Transactions
blocked_transactions Transactions
max_used_xact_ids Transactions
xact_commit Transactions
xaxt_rollback Transactions
blk_read_time IO
blks_read IO
buffers_backend IO
buffers_backend_fsync IO
buffers_clean IO
read_latency IO
blks_hit Cache
buffers_alloc Cache
temp_files Temp
numbackends User
deadlocks Concurrency
archived_count WAL
archive_failed_count WAL

The following operating system counters are available for Performance Insights. You can find definitions for these metrics in Available OS Metrics in the Amazon Aurora User Guide.

Counter Type



buffers memory
cached memory
dirty memory
free memory
inactive memory
hugePagesFree memory
hugePagesRsvd memory
hugePagesSize memory
hugePagesSurp memory
hugePagesTotal memory
mapped memory
pageTables memory
slab memory
total memory
writeback memory
guest cpuUtilization
idle cpuUtilization
irq cpuUtilization
nice cpuUtilization
steal cpuUtilization
system cpuUtilization
total cpuUtilization
user cpuUtilization
wait cpuUtilization
avgQueueLen diskIO
avgReqSz diskIO
await diskIO
readIOsPS diskIO
readKb diskIO
readKbPS diskIO
rrqmPS diskIO
tps diskIO
util diskIO
writeIOsPS diskIO
writeKb diskIO
writeKbPS diskIO
wrqmPS diskIO
blocked tasks
running tasks
sleeping tasks
stopped tasks
total tasks
zombie tasks
one loadAverageMinute
fifteen loadAverageMinute
five loadAverageMinute
cached swap
free swap
in swap
out swap
total swap
maxFiles fileSys
usedFiles fileSys
usedFilePercent fileSys
usedPercent fileSys
used fileSys
total fileSys
rx network
tx network
numVCPUs general