Amazon Personalize
Developer Guide

This is prerelease documentation for a service in preview release. It is subject to change.

Preparing and Importing Data

Amazon Personalize uses data you provide to train a solution. You can provide data from a source file, or you can collect data from live events such as user activity on a website.

If you are providing a source file for import, your data must be in comma-separated values (CSV) format and conform to a schema that Amazon Personalize can understand. You upload your CSV file into an Amazon S3 bucket from which Amazon Personalize imports your data into a dataset. The dataset is configured to understand the schema that was used to format the input CSV file. Datasets belong to a dataset group that contains other related datasets. You can upload your data using the AWS Management Console or by using the AWS SDK.

This section provides information about formatting and importing your data into Amazon Personalize. For information about importing live events, see Recording Events.