Guidance for first-time Amazon Personalize users - Amazon Personalize

Guidance for first-time Amazon Personalize users

If you're a first-time user of Amazon Personalize, the following resources can help you get started.

Discovering Amazon Personalize with the Magic Movie Machine

The Magic Movie Machine is an interactive learning experience. It helps you discover Amazon Personalize features and learn more about generating recommendations. For a short introduction, see the video below. Then try the Magic Movie Machine.

Navigating this guide

We recommend you read the following sections in order:

  1. How it works – This section introduces the Amazon Personalize workflow and walks you through the steps to create personalized experiences for your users. This section also includes common Amazon Personalize terms and their definitions. Start with this section to make sure you have good understanding of Amazon Personalize workflows and terms before you start getting recommendations.

  2. Setting up Amazon Personalize – In this section you set up your AWS account, set up the required permissions to use Amazon Personalize, and set up the AWS CLI and the AWS SDKs to use and manage Amazon Personalize.

  3. Getting started – In this section you get started using Amazon Personalize with a simple movie dataset. Complete these tutorials to get hands-on experience with Amazon Personalize. You can choose to either get started with a Domain dataset group or a Custom dataset group:

  4. Domain use cases and custom recipes – Learn about the domain use cases and custom recipes you can use to train a model in Amazon Personalize. Use this information to help you match your use case to resources in Amazon Personalize.

  5. Readiness checklist – Review the readiness checklist to start preparing to use Amazon Personalize with your own data. This checklist provides lists of Amazon Personalize features, requirements, and data guidance. It can help you plan or you can use it as a reference as you create resources in Amazon Personalize.

  6. Amazon Personalize workflow – This section guides you through the complete Amazon Personalize workflow. It provides step-by-step instructions for creating a Domain dataset group or a Custom dataset group, preparing and importing data, creating recommenders or custom resources, and getting recommendations.

  7. Recording real-time events to influence recommendations – This section covers how to record item interaction and action interaction events in real time. After you have set up your Amazon Personalize resources, complete this section to learn how to keep your datasets up to date with your users' behavior.

  8. Filtering recommendations and user segments – This section covers how to filter recommendations. Complete this section to learn how to construct filter expressions to filter recommendations based on custom criteria. For example, you might not want to recommend products that a user has already purchased, or recommend movies that a user has already watched.