Amazon Pinpoint
User Guide

Managing Campaigns

In the Amazon Pinpoint console, you update the settings for a campaign, delete a campaign, or copy an existing campaign to a new campaign.

To manage a campaign

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. On the Projects page, choose the project for which you want to manage campaigns.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Campaigns.

  4. On the Campaigns page, choose the campaign that you want to manage. Then, on the Actions menu, select the action that you want to take, as shown in the following image.

               The Campaigns table with a single campaign selected and
                  the Actions menu opened. The Actions
                  menu shows the following options: View details,
                     View analytics, Change settings,
                     Duplicate, and Delete.

    On the Actions menu, you can do the following:

    • View details – Shows the Campaign details page for the selected campaign. On the Campaign details page, you can see information about the campaign, such as the campaign type, the number of endpoints targeted, and the number of messages delivered.

    • View analytics – Shows the Campaign analytics page for the selected campaign. For more information about campaign analytics, see Campaign Charts.

    • Change settings – Change the settings for the campaign, including the target segment, the message content, and the delivery time. You can only choose this option for campaigns that haven't been sent yet.

    • Duplicate – Copy the campaign to use its settings as a template for a new campaign, in which you can change or keep any of the original settings.

    • Delete – Remove the campaign from Amazon Pinpoint and stop sending messages through the campaign.