Amazon Pinpoint
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Create CloudWatch Alarms for Amazon Pinpoint Metrics

In CloudWatch, you can create alarms that send notifications when specific metrics exceed a particular value. For example, you could set an alarm that sends you an email when the ImportedEndpointFailure metric exceeds a certain value. In this example, if the number of endpoint import failures exceeds the threshold that you specified, you receive an email alerting you of the issue. This section contains procedures for setting up an alarm for Amazon Pinpoint metrics in the CloudWatch console.


Before you can complete the procedures in this section, you first have to create an Amazon SNS topic and subscribe an endpoint to it. For more information, see Create a Topic and Subscribe to a Topic in the Amazon Simple Notification Service Developer Guide.

To create an alarm for Amazon Pinpoint metrics in the CloudWatch console

  1. Open the CloudWatch console at

  2. Choose Alarms, and then choose the Create Alarm button. The Create Alarm wizard appears.

  3. In the Pinpoint Metrics section, choose the metric you want to create an alarm for. Choose Next.

  4. In the Alarm Threshold section, do the following:

    • Type a Name and a Description for the alarm.

    • Specify the value that causes CloudWatch to raise an alarm, as shown in the following image.

                            The Alarm Threshold section of the CloudWatch
                                alarm creation wizard. The alarm is set to trigger whenever the
                                    ImportedEndpointFailure metric is greater than or
                                equal to 10 for 1 out of 1 consecutive datapoints.
  5. In the Actions section, do the following:

    • For Whenever this alarm, choose State is ALARM. This setting tells CloudWatch to send a notification when the state of the alarm is ALARM (as opposed to OK or INSUFFICIENT).

    • For Send notification to, choose the Amazon SNS topic that should be notified when the alarm is triggered, as shown in the following image.

                            The Actions section of the CloudWatch alarm
                                creation wizard. In this example, whenever the state of the alarm is
                                    ALARM, CloudWatch sends a notification to an
                                Amazon SNS topic called "ops-team".
  6. Choose Create Alarm.


    There are additional settings that you can configure when you create a CloudWatch alarm. For additional information about configuring CloudWatch alarms, see Create or Edit a CloudWatch Alarm in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

For more information about using CloudWatch and alarms, see the CloudWatch Documentation.