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If you use Amazon Pinpoint to send messages to recipients in the United States, you can use 10DLC phone numbers to deliver those messages (alternatively, you can use toll-free numbers or short codes). The abbreviation 10DLC stands for "10-digit long code." A 10DLC phone number is registered for use by a single sender and for a single use case. This registration process gives the mobile carriers insight into the approved use cases for each phone number that is used to send messages. As a result, 10DLC phone numbers can offer high throughput and deliverability rates.

A message that you send from a 10DLC phone number appears on the devices of your recipients as a 10-digit phone number. You can use 10DLC phone numbers to send both transactional and promotional messages. If you already use short codes or toll-free numbers to send your messages, then it isn't necessary to set up 10DLC.

To set up 10DLC, you first register your company or brand. Next, you create a 10DLC campaign, which is a description of your use case. This information is then shared with the Campaign Registry, an industry organization that collects 10DLC registration information.


For more information about how the Campaign Registry uses your information, see the FAQ on the Campaign Registry website.

After your company and 10DLC campaign are approved, you can purchase a phone number and associate it with your 10DLC campaign. Associating a phone number with a 10DLC campaign can take approximately 14 days to complete. Although you can associate multiple phone numbers with a single campaign, you can't use the same phone number across multiple 10DLC campaigns. For each 10DLC campaign that you create, you must have at least one unique phone number. Throughput for 10DLC phone numbers is based on the company and campaign registration information that you provide. Associating multiple phone numbers with a 10DLC campaign doesn't provide any additional throughput.

If you have an existing unregistered long code in your Amazon Pinpoint account, you can request that it be converted to a 10DLC number. To convert an existing long code, complete the registration process, and then create a case in the AWS Support Center. In some situations, isn't possible to convert an unregistered long code to a 10DLC phone number. In this case, you must request a new number through the Amazon Pinpoint console and associate it with your 10DLC campaign. For more information about using 10DLC with existing long codes, see Associating an existing long code with a 10DLC campaign.

10DLC capabilities

The capabilities of 10DLC phone numbers depend on which mobile carriers your recipients use. AT&T provides a limit on the number of message parts that can be sent each minute for each campaign. T-Mobile and Sprint provide a daily limit of messages that can be sent for each company, with no limit on the number of message parts that can be sent per minute.


If you register the same company in more than one AWS account, the daily limits for T-Mobile and Sprint are shared across those accounts.

Each new 10DLC campaign is capable of sending either 12 or 60 message parts per minute (depending on the campaign type you register) to recipients who use AT&T. Each company can send 2,000 messages per day to recipients who use T-Mobile or Sprint. The company limit is shared across all of your 10DLC campaigns. For example, if you have registered one company and two campaigns, the daily allotment of 2,000 messages is shared across those campaigns. Similarly, if you register the same company in more than one AWS account, the daily allotment is shared across those accounts.

As of August 31, 2021, only AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint support 10DLC. You can still use 10DLC phone numbers to send messages to recipients who use other carriers, including Verizon and smaller regional carriers. Messages that you send to other carrier networks may be subject to higher rates of message filtering.

In the future, you'll be able to request an additional review of your company and campaign registrations to increase these throughput limits.

For a comparison of the different phone number types see US phone number capabilities.

Setting up 10DLC

You can set up 10DLC directly in the Amazon Pinpoint console. To set up 10DLC, you must complete all of the following steps.

  1. Register your company

    The first step in setting up 10DLC is to register your company or brand. For information about company registration, see Registering a company or brand for use with 10DLC. There is a one-time registration fee to register your company. This fee is shown on the registration page.

  2. Register your campaign

    If the Campaign Registry is able to verify the company information that you provided, you can create a 10DLC campaign. A 10DLC campaign contains information about your use case. Each 10DLC campaign can be associated with one company. Amazon Pinpoint sends this campaign information to the Campaign Registry for approval. In most cases, 10DLC campaign approval is instantaneous. In some cases, the Campaign Registry may require additional information. For more information, see Registering a 10DLC campaign. You're charged a recurring monthly fee for each 10DLC campaign that you register. The monthly fee varies depending on your use case. The recurring fee for your campaign is shown on the registration page.

  3. Request your 10DLC number

    After your 10DLC campaign is approved, you can request a phone number and associate that number with the approved 10DLC campaign. Each phone number can only be associated with a single 10DLC campaign. For more information, see Requesting a number. There is a monthly recurring fee for leasing the phone number. This fee is shown on the purchase page.

10DLC registration and monthly fees

There are registration and monthly fees associated with using 10DLC, such as registering your company and 10DLC campaign. These are separate from any other monthly or AWS fees. For more information about 10DLC fees, see the Amazon Pinpoint Pricing page.