SynthesizeSpeech - Amazon Polly


The following Python code example uses the AWS SDK for Python (Boto) synthesize speech with shorter texts for near real-time processing. For more information, see the reference for the SynthesizeSpeech operation.

This example uses a short string of plain text. You can use SSML text for more control over the output. For more information, see Generating Speech from SSML Documents.

import boto3 polly_client = boto3.Session( aws_access_key_id=, aws_secret_access_key=, region_name='us-west-2').client('polly') response = polly_client.synthesize_speech(VoiceId='Joanna', OutputFormat='mp3', Text = 'This is a sample text to be synthesized.', Engine = 'neural') file = open('speech.mp3', 'wb') file.write(response['AudioStream'].read()) file.close()