AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell
Command Reference

AWS services or capabilities described in AWS Documentation may vary by region/location. Click Getting Started with Amazon AWS to see specific differences applicable to the China (Beijing) Region.


Name Description
Add-AMMResourceTag Calls the M2 TagResource API operation.
Get-AMMApplication Calls the M2 GetApplication API operation.
Get-AMMApplicationList Calls the M2 ListApplications API operation.
Get-AMMApplicationVersion Calls the M2 GetApplicationVersion API operation.
Get-AMMApplicationVersionList Calls the M2 ListApplicationVersions API operation.
Get-AMMBatchJobDefinitionList Calls the M2 ListBatchJobDefinitions API operation.
Get-AMMBatchJobExecution Calls the M2 GetBatchJobExecution API operation.
Get-AMMBatchJobExecutionList Calls the M2 ListBatchJobExecutions API operation.
Get-AMMBatchJobRestartPointList Calls the M2 ListBatchJobRestartPoints API operation.
Get-AMMDataSetDetail Calls the M2 GetDataSetDetails API operation.
Get-AMMDataSetImportHistoryList Calls the M2 ListDataSetImportHistory API operation.
Get-AMMDataSetImportTask Calls the M2 GetDataSetImportTask API operation.
Get-AMMDataSetList Calls the M2 ListDataSets API operation.
Get-AMMDeployment Calls the M2 GetDeployment API operation.
Get-AMMDeploymentList Calls the M2 ListDeployments API operation.
Get-AMMEngineVersionList Calls the M2 ListEngineVersions API operation.
Get-AMMEnvironment Calls the M2 GetEnvironment API operation.
Get-AMMEnvironmentList Calls the M2 ListEnvironments API operation.
Get-AMMResourceTag Calls the M2 ListTagsForResource API operation.
Get-AMMSignedBluinsightsUrl Calls the M2 GetSignedBluinsightsUrl API operation.
New-AMMApplication Calls the M2 CreateApplication API operation.
New-AMMDataSetImportTask Calls the M2 CreateDataSetImportTask API operation.
New-AMMDeployment Calls the M2 CreateDeployment API operation.
New-AMMEnvironment Calls the M2 CreateEnvironment API operation.
Remove-AMMApplication Calls the M2 DeleteApplication API operation.
Remove-AMMApplicationFromEnvironment Calls the M2 DeleteApplicationFromEnvironment API operation.
Remove-AMMEnvironment Calls the M2 DeleteEnvironment API operation.
Remove-AMMResourceTag Calls the M2 UntagResource API operation.
Start-AMMApplication Calls the M2 StartApplication API operation.
Start-AMMBatchJob Calls the M2 StartBatchJob API operation.
Stop-AMMApplication Calls the M2 StopApplication API operation.
Stop-AMMBatchJobExecution Calls the M2 CancelBatchJobExecution API operation.
Update-AMMApplication Calls the M2 UpdateApplication API operation.
Update-AMMEnvironment Calls the M2 UpdateEnvironment API operation.