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AWS Lambda and AWS Tools for PowerShell

By using the AWSLambdaPSCore module, you can develop AWS Lambda functions in PowerShell Core 6.0 using the .NET Core 2.1 runtime. PowerShell developers can manage AWS resources and write automation scripts in the PowerShell environment by using Lambda. PowerShell support in Lambda lets you run PowerShell scripts or functions in response to any Lambda event, such as an Amazon S3 event or Amazon CloudWatch scheduled event. The AWSLambdaPSCore module is a separate AWS module for PowerShell; it is not part of the AWS Tools for PowerShell, nor does installing the AWSLambdaPSCore module install the AWS Tools for PowerShell.

After you install the AWSLambdaPSCore module, you can use any available PowerShell cmdlets—or develop your own—to author serverless functions. The AWS Lambda Tools for PowerShell module includes project templates for PowerShell-based serverless applications, and tools to publish projects to AWS.

AWSLambdaPSCore module support is available in all regions that support Lambda. For more information about supported regions, see the AWS region table.


The following steps are required before you can install and use the AWSLambdaPSCore module. For more detail about these steps, see Setting Up a PowerShell Development Environment in the AWS Lambda Developer Guide.

  • Install the correct release of PowerShell – Lambda's support for PowerShell is based on the cross-platform PowerShell Core 6.0 release. You can develop PowerShell Lambda functions on Windows, Linux, or Mac. If you don’t have at least this release of PowerShell installed, instructions are available on the Microsoft PowerShell documentation website.

  • Install the .NET Core 2.1 SDK – Because PowerShell Core is based on .NET Core, the Lambda support for PowerShell uses the same .NET Core 2.1 Lambda runtime for both .NET Core and PowerShell Lambda functions. The Lambda PowerShell publishing cmdlets use the .NET Core 2.1 SDK to create the Lambda deployment package. The .NET Core 2.1 SDK is available from the Microsoft Download Center. Be sure to install the SDK, not the Runtime.

Install the AWSLambdaPSCore Module

After completing the prerequisites, you are ready to install the AWSLambdaPSCore module. Run the following command in a PowerShell Core session.

PS> Install-Module AWSLambdaPSCore -Scope CurrentUser

You are ready to start developing Lambda functions in PowerShell. For more information about how to get started, see Programming Model for Authoring Lambda Functions in PowerShell in the AWS Lambda Developer Guide.

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