Foundation playbook for AWS large migrations - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Foundation playbook for AWS large migrations

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

February 2022 (last update: May 2022)

A large migration project is built upon its people foundation and platform foundation. Properly preparing these foundations is critical to the success of the project. Platform refers to the technology decisions you make, such as infrastructure, operations, and security. People refers to the teams and individuals who contribute to the project, from beginning to end.

In this playbook, you build the foundation workstream. Because this workstream is intended to prepare the platform and people before you begin migrating applications, you start and complete this workstream within the first stage of a large migration, initialization.

About this playbook

This guide is part of a series about large migrations to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Migrating 300 or more servers is considered a large migration. If you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend reading the following:

  1. AWS large-migration strategy and best practices – This strategy discusses best practices for large migrations and provides use cases from customers across various industries.

  2. Guide for AWS large migrations – This guide describes a high-level, phased approach to implementing the best practices outlined in the strategy document.

After reading the strategy and guide, the playbooks help you focus on how to implement the strategy and connect all the moving parts of a large migration. A playbook helps you build the assets and processes that you use in a large migration, such as runbooks, governing documents, or tools. A runbook is a standard operating procedure for a task that you perform repeatedly. The following playbooks are available in this document series for large migrations, and we recommend that you read them in the following order:

The following figure shows the structure of the AWS documentation series for large migrations. Review the strategy first, then the guide, and then read the playbooks.

        A chart for progressing through the large-migration documentation.

The purpose of this playbook is to prepare the platform foundation and people foundation to support a large-scale migration effort. Both of these foundations are critical to the success of large migrations. This guide consists of the following sections:

  1. Platform foundation – In this section, you review technology considerations for the on-premises and AWS Cloud environments, such as infrastructure, operations, security. You make key decisions in these categories, which you record as migration principles.

  2. People foundation – In this section, you define the workstreams in your large migration project and build a responsible, accountable, consulted, informed (RACI) matrix for each high-level task. It also includes recommendations for establishing a Cloud Enable Engine (CEE). This section also contains training resources and helps you build a training dashboard for your large migration.

About the tools and templates

In this playbook, you create the following tools, which you use to prepare the platform and people:

  • Migration principles

  • RACI matrices

  • Dashboard for training

We recommend using the foundation playbook templates included in this playbook and then customizing them for your portfolio, processes, and environment. The instructions in this playbook tell you when and how to customize each of these templates. This playbook includes the following templates:

  • Dashboard template for training – This dashboard template helps you build a training plan for each workstream and track each individual’s progress toward completing the required training.

  • Data replication calculator – This workbook helps you estimate the amount of time needed to complete data replication.

  • Migration principles template – This template helps you record the key infrastructure, operations, and security decisions that you need to make when preparing your platform.

  • RACI template – This template helps you build a high-level and detailed RACI matrices that outline the roles and responsibilities of your large migration project.