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Guide for AWS large migrations

AWS Professional Services

February 2022 (last update: May 2022)

Many Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers want to migrate a large number of servers to the AWS Cloud as fast as possible, such as migrating 1,000 servers within 6 months. Migrating 300 or more servers is considered a large migration. This is not an easy task because the people, process, and technology challenges of a large migration project are typically new to an enterprise.

As a team specializing in large migrations, we have learned a lot from our customers’ experiences. The aim of our content is to help you apply the correct strategy and best practices from the outset, applying lessons learned and streamlining your journey.

About this guide

This guide is the second document in a series about large migrations to the AWS Cloud. If you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend reading AWS large-migration strategy and best practices. The strategy document discusses best practices for large migrations and provides use cases from customers across various industries.

This guide describes a high-level, phased approach for implementing the best practices outlined in the strategy document. Details of the stages and steps are described in the corresponding playbooks within this document series. We recommend reading the playbooks in the following order:

The following figure shows the structure of the AWS documentation series for large migrations. Review the strategy first, then this guide, and then proceed to the playbooks.

        The structure of the AWS large migration document series

About the tools

This guide includes a health-check matrix. You can use this tool to assess the health of your migration project throughout the migration. This tool helps you apply best practices and evaluate the efficiency and progress of your large migration project throughout its life cycle.

Additionally, each of the playbooks in this documentation series include templates and tools that can help you build each workstream.