AWS Snowball Edge - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

AWS Snowball Edge

You can use AWS Snowball Edge to migrate very large databases (up to 80 TB in size). Snowball has a 10 Gb Ethernet port that you plug into your on-premises server and place all database backups or data on the Snowball device. After the data is copied to Snowball, you send the appliance to AWS for placement in your designated S3 bucket. You can then download the backups from Amazon S3 and restore them on SQL Server on an EC2 instance, or run the rds_restore_database stored procedure to restore the database to Amazon RDS. You can also use AWS Snowcone for databases up to 8 TB in size. For more information, see the AWS Snowball Edge documentation and Importing and exporting SQL Server databases, Restoring a database section, in the Amazon RDS documentation.