Evaluating modernization readiness for applications in the AWS Cloud - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Evaluating modernization readiness for applications in the AWS Cloud

Vijay Thumma, Global Practice Manager, AWS Professional Services

December 2020

Modernization evaluation is the process of putting together an assessment that helps determine the modernization readiness of an organization’s applications. Amazon Web Services (AWS) recommends using an application questionnaire in the assessment phase to evaluate and rationalize your organization’s application portfolio and determine the business, functional, technical, and financial significance of applications in the portfolio. This assessment determines how well your organization can support the future state architecture of these applications, after modernization.

This guide describes the modernization readiness assessment process, including steps, outcomes, and best practices, for application owners, business owners, architects, technical leads, and project managers.

The guide is part of a content series that covers the application modernization approach recommended by AWS. The series also includes:

Targeted business outcomes

You should expect three outcomes from a modernization readiness review:

  • A roadmap for modernizing core business applications, including a capture of business benefits, risk factors, and dependencies.

  • An application modernization blueprint to specify the technical and functional architecture for the target state of a modernized application, for one or two applications. This blueprint includes a proof of concept for delivering a minimum viable product (MVP).

  • An action plan to resolve the identified gaps, so your organization can modernize at scale without having to pause to solve foundational issues.