Step 3. Create a scalable modernization roadmap - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Step 3. Create a scalable modernization roadmap

After the initial MVP release of the prioritized outcomes and applications, we recommend that you develop a roadmap for scaling and accelerating your modernization efforts, improving developer productivity, and innovating rapidly. The core team splits and seeds new teams in order to scale your organization’s capabilities and services across multiple engineering teams that are focused on business outcomes. By employing the split-and-seed approach over time, your organization can take on more development and accelerate the velocity of modernization.

The modernization roadmap should outline a pragmatic and continuous approach to application modernization with clearly defined patterns such as event-driven, strangler, domain-driven designs, decomposition, modern database options, and so on.

The roadmap should include a decision tree matrix, as shown in the following diagram, to identify a component of an application and move it to a managed service (such as a database service) with no changes to business logic, or to make code-level changes to improve performance, scalability, manageability, reliability, and resource usage.

          Phases of the application modernization process