AWS large-migration strategy and best practices - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

AWS large-migration strategy and best practices

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

September 2021 (last update: May 2022)

Many Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers want to migrate a large number of servers and applications to the AWS Cloud as fast as possible with the least impact to their business. Migrating 300 or more servers is considered a large migration. Your organization might be starting a large migration project because a data center lease is approaching renewal or termination or because your organization is taking the first steps in a technology transformation. However, large scale is not quantified only by the number of servers in scope. It also accounts for the level of organizational transformation that results from the migrations, considering complexities such as people, processes, technology, and priorities.

This guide focuses on your ability to move at scale to AWS. You can migrate existing applications with little to no change. You can use the cloud as a launch point to take those applications to cloud-native or serverless technologies, and you can modernize the applications to unlock additional business benefits.

About this strategy

This guide is the first document in a series about large migrations to the AWS Cloud. It discusses best practices for large-scale migrations and provide use cases from customers across various segments, such as financial services, and healthcare. It also provides real-world examples of lessons learned during customer migrations to AWS. The aim of this guide is to assist customers who are at the initial stages of a large-scale migration. However, the best practices and strategies in this guide can be beneficial at any stage of the migration journey. It’s assumed that you already have a 100-level knowledge of AWS services and that you’re aware of the AWS recommended process for migrating.

When you are finished with this strategy, we recommend reading the Guide for AWS large migrations and the playbooks in the following order:

The following figure shows the structure of the AWS documentation series for large migrations. Review the strategy first, then this guide, and then proceed to the playbooks.

        A chart for progressing through the large-migration documentation.