Migrating from Simple Monthly Calculator estimates to the AWS Pricing Calculator - AWS Pricing Calculator

Migrating from Simple Monthly Calculator estimates to the AWS Pricing Calculator


Simple Monthly Calculator (SMC) is no longer supported. You can convert your saved SMC estimates to AWS Pricing Calculator using the steps outlined in this section. This conversion feature closes on December 31, 2023 at 11.59PM PST.

If you have existing SMC estimates, we recommend that you migrate to the AWS Pricing Calculator using the conversion feature at your earliest convenience. If you don't need access to your saved SMC estimates, no action is needed.

To convert your SMC estimate to an estimate compatible with AWS Pricing Calculator
  1. Copy and paste your unique SMC estimate link into your browser. This link redirects you to the AWS Pricing Calculator website where you can view the status of your estimate conversion.

  2. Generate an AWS Pricing Calculator migrated estimate link for your records. To do this, choose Share.


If your SMC estimate failed to generate in AWS Pricing Calculator, choose errors to see the reasons why the conversion failed.

Differences between Simple Monthly Calculator and AWS Pricing Calculator estimates

There are several reasons why your SMC estimate and your AWS Pricing Calculator estimates don't match in total costs.

  • AWS Free Tier pricing: The AWS Pricing Calculator doesn't account for Free Tier pricing in cost calculations.

  • Time period: The AWS Pricing Calculator calculates using 730 hours in a month for cost calculations. This is based on the calculation, 365 days a year x 24 hours a day for 12 months a year.

Services and features not supported by AWS Pricing Calculator

You might have Simple Monthly Calculator estimates saved previously that won't successfully migrate to AWS Pricing Calculator. This is because some services and features aren't supported in AWS Pricing Calculator at this time. The following table outlines what is currently not supported in AWS Pricing Calculator.

Service name Pricing feature not supported in AWS Pricing Calculator

Amazon EC2

Additional T2/T3/T4g Unlimited vCpu Hours

Legacy Amazon EC2 instances and instance families

Amazon S3

Transfer acceleration

Glacier select

Cross region replication

Amazon CloudFront

HTTP requests

Invalidation requests

SSL certificates

Amazon RDS

RDS Aurora Global Database

Amazon DynamoDB

Global tables

Amazon CloudWatch

Archived logs

Metric streams

Amazon Redshift

Previous generation node type

Amazon S3 Glacier

Glacier select

Amazon CloudSearch

Entire service

Amazon SimpleDB

Entire service

AWS Key Management Service

Customer managed keys (CMK) - multi Region


You must generate new AWS Pricing Calculator sharable links if you make changes to your estimate. For more information, see Sharing your estimate.