What is AWS Pricing Calculator? - AWS Pricing Calculator

What is AWS Pricing Calculator?

AWS Pricing Calculator is a free web-based planning tool that you can use to create cost estimates for using AWS services. You can use AWS Pricing Calculator for the following use cases:

  • Model your solutions before building them

  • Explore AWS service price points

  • Review the calculations behind your estimates

  • Plan your AWS spend

  • Find cost saving opportunities

For example, if you are an existing AWS customer and you want to add another EC2 instance to handle to your weekly spike traffic. You can specify your weekly peak information, then choose your EC2 instance and payment options. AWS Pricing Calculator generates an estimate that includes the upfront, monthly, annual costs. You can use the estimate to make an informed decision before using AWS services.


You don’t need any experience with cloud computing or AWS to use AWS Pricing Calculator. The tool is useful for those you never used AWS before, and for those who want to reorganize or expand their AWS usage.

You can access AWS Pricing Calculator through a web-based console at https://calculator.aws/#/ .

Features of AWS Pricing Calculator

With AWS Pricing Calculator, you can do the following tasks:

  • View transparent prices – View the calculations behind the estimated prices for your service configurations. You can view price estimates by service or by groups of services to analyze your architecture costs.

  • Use groups for hierarchical estimates – Sort your estimates into groups to align with your architecture for clear service cost analysis.

  • Save your estimates – Save the link to each estimate to share or revisit at a later time. Estimates are saved to the AWS public servers.

  • Export your estimates – Export your estimates in CSV or PDF format to share locally with your stakeholders.

Pricing for AWS Pricing Calculator

AWS Pricing Calculator is a free tool to use. It provides an estimate of your AWS fees and charges, but the estimate doesn't include any taxes that might apply. AWS Pricing Calculator provides pricing details for only the information you enter. If the prices on the marketing pages are different from the prices on AWS Pricing Calculator, AWS uses the prices from the marketing pages when generating your estimates. For more information about AWS service pricing, see Cloud Services Pricing.

The prices on AWS Pricing Calculator for the estimates come from the AWS Price List API. For more information about the AWS Price List API, see Using the AWS Price List API in the AWS Billing User Guide.